Investing for Impact

Total Portfolio Project (TPP) develops methodologies and tools to help investors 'Invest for Impact'

This means:

Our quantitative and visual tools enrich the predominantly qualitative world of impact. They enable better decision-making and attract a wider audience of investors to actively invest for Impact.

TPP works with the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP), the global leader in impact training for private wealth holders, to leverage the synergies between our initiatives. Together we focus on private wealth because of private investors' relative freedom to pursue their impact goals (versus the strict fiduciary obligations of institutional investors). 

We align our work with consensus frameworks, especially those of Impact Frontiers. We're also not afraid to share ideas that challenge existing norms, including:

What we do

To change a system as complex as the investment world, we need to act on multiple fronts. We work across three streams:

Get Involved and Support Us

Join us and some of the leading minds in the field. We have opportunities for collaborators and funders in each of our work streams, ranging from informal feedback to active participation.

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Who we are

Jonathan Harris


Robert Boogaard


Nancy de Ruiter


What TPP is not

Total Portfolio Project is a thought leadership initiative. Our work is complementary to but different from the following:

To maintain our neutrality, we are unable to recommend service providers.

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